McPedro is Hazel's talking cactus, given by Jamie. He first appeared in the comic in Strip #28[1] however his name is not mentioned until Strip #57[2]

About McPedroEdit


McPedro's parents were Scottish and Irish which is why he has a "Scirish" accent #331[3]

Guide to Strips featuring McPedroEdit

McPedro gives advice on relationshipsEdit

  • McPedro presents: How to Woo a Woman #267
  • Don't be a prude #277

McPedro runs off to travel the worldEdit

  • Look at the world out there #324
  • A goodbye note #329
  • Adventures out in the big wide world #330 - #331
  • "He just wants to be with his own kind" #334
  • More adventures #337#339

References Edit


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