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Hazel Tellington is the main character of Danielle Corsetto's webcomic Girls with Slingshots. She first appeared in strip 1[1] alongside her friend, Jameson. She is best friends with Jamie.

About HazelEdit

Background Edit

Employment Edit

Very early on in the webcomic, Hazel makes it known that she is looking for writing jobs through a phone conversation with Reese[2]. Jameson provides Hazel with a newspaper clipping[3] that leads her to her first job at The Daily Tribune[4]. At the Tribune, she starts off as a reporter, but soon becomes a columnist for other 20-something's in the city[5]. This column leads to her job at Pussy Whipped Magazine.[6]

Relationships Edit

Jameson Edit

In the beginning, Hazel was single and nursing a 10-year crush upon Reese[7], though nothing came of it in the end. Her first actual romantic date was with Jameson; however, that developed no further than a kiss, as Jameson had mainly agreed to the date to prove a point to Hazel[8]. Hazel appears to have been significantly more affected by the kiss than Jameson, and as a result developed a deep jealousy of Jameson's love interest, Maureen[9].

Guide to Strips featuring Hazel Edit

Hazel's Drunk Writing Edit

  • Hazel is known to write better while drunk[10][11].

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